Movie Monster Mayhem!

Come journey through Stillwell Manor in complete darkness with nothing to guide you but the glowstick in your hand. You’ll come face to face with some of your all time favorite Movie Monsters. This year some of the greatest and scariest slashers of all time are roaming the halls of Stillwell Manor. Do you have what it takes to face your fears in the dark?  This is a two night only show, May 11th and 18th. Movie Monster Mayhem will run from 8-11 PM each night and will cost $12 per person or $20 for 2. Come take advantage of your last chance to check our Stillwell Mano before the 2019 Haunt Season.


2018 Was our biggest and best season ever! Thank you to everyone that came out and checked out Stillwell Manor. We have big plans for 2019 to make sure we exceed all of your expectations.



Stillwell Manor Haunted House

Journey through the mansion, lost in time for over a 140 years and face the wrath of the tortured souls that are trapped within.


Forsaken is new to Stillwell Manor in 2018. This is the first completely interactive attraction that we have brought to you. The more you interact with the story the more the story interacts with you!


Venture into the world of “Tantibus” and see your “Nightmares” up close and personal. Who said nightmares only happen while you sleep?






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