Cupid’s Curse 2019

2019 “Cupid’s Curse – When Love Gets You Blue!”- Dates & Times

Cupid’s Curse will be February 16th form 8:00-11:00 ONLY.

This is going to be the FIRST time that Stillwell Manor has ever had a TOUCH OPTIONAL event. What is a touch optional event??? It means we can (and will) grab you, remove you from your group, and make sure that you have a great time. If want to be touched you will pay the same price but will get an indicator that you are willing to participate. If you don’t want to be touched, then you will go through Stillwell Manor just like you would any event. No one will touch you.

We will be open:

Saturday Frebruary 16th ONLY! $12 Adults or $20 for a Couple /No Children under 16 yr admitted  

8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
We accept Cash and Credit at the door. There are no online tickets for this event.

** While this haunt is not rated “R” – it is not intended for the young but for those who know what a relationship really is!!