Stillwell Manor

Front PorchCome wind your way through Stillwell Manor. No one can explain the spirits that seem to appear from September through November. General Stillwell has come for revenge on the spirits that caused his wife to lose her mind. We open the doors to Stillwell Manor this fall so you can experience this phenomenon first hand.

Grieve with General Stillwell over the loss of his children and the madness that consumed his wife Elizabeth. When the grief consumed her spirit, he vowed to avenge his family at all costs. If not in this lifetime, he would hound the killers through the depth of hell to make them pay with their souls.

Over the years the Stillwell Manor has been tried to be revitalized and utilized as other things. In the mid 1960’s a mechanic decided to purchase the manor. He’s goal was to use the far side of the mansion away from all the “haunted” bedrooms to start a business. After 2 years Harry Hubcap seemed to just step off the face of the earth.

Stillwell Manor again went abandoned for the next 20 years. One day a mortuary saw an amazing opportunity to open and all in one location. They saw the potential to house the bodies, perform the autopsies, and have the ability to perform funerals all on site. After years of strange happenings the director and doctor shut the doors.

Rest does not come to the spirits that once roamed the halls and grounds of this once grand home of a warrior who put his country first before his family. A mistake he is haunted with forever.