Is it scary?

The age old question – “Is it Scary?”…… Oh course it’s scary, it’s a haunted house, this isn’t “Toy Land”.
But don’t take our word on it, check out this link and read what the expects / customers are saying about STILLWELL MANOR.



What if I lose something or drop my phone?

This happens every night. We advise that if you want to have your phone on you, to keep it in a secure pocket at all times throughout the attractions. If you do happen to drop your phone, hat, or other items we are not able to look for them until the end of the night or the next morning. You will be asked to leave a good contact number at the souvenir stand and we will contact you as soon as it is found. We have been able to find and return 100% of items lost so far. We realize it is stressful and hard to leave, but understand we are performing a show that is over 20,000 square feet, it is impossible for us to stop everyone to look for it.


Do you get paid to scare?

Yes, beginning in 2018 we’ve gone to a fully paid staff. The pay is person by person depending on experience, job, and commit level (nights willing to work). If you have specific questions you can email info@stillwellmanor.com for a detailed answer for you. You have to be 16 or older, able to work well with others, and have reliable transportation. If you’d like to apply CLICK HERE


Can I leave if I get too scared?

Yes, we have several emergency exits through out all three haunted attractions. Please be advised once you leave the attraction there are no refunds or re-entry.


What can I expect?

First and foremost you can expect a great time. The average person will take over 45 minutes to an hour to travel all three of the attractions. There are strobe lights, tight spaces, fog, low lighting, loud noises, slanted floors, and a short craw space.  None of the spirits will purposely touch you at any time, so you may not touch them or the props; any refusal to do so will lead your immediate removal of the property.

We are a classic haunted house, there are mazes, endless halls, and dark areas you will have to find your way out of. If at any point you need to bypass an obstacle or you need to exit the attraction one of our staff members will be able to immediately help you out.


Will I get touched?

Yes, we will grab you, toss you around, and lock you away as a prop. It’s a classic haunted attraction, it is very dark. Due to that darkness you will probably bump into someone, be brushed, or other casual contact.


When is Stillwell Manor Open?

We are open during the fall season. Our dates and times can be found here.

Watch our Facebook for our additional events we run throughout the year.

  • Cupids Curse
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Movie Mayhem
  • and several others in the works


Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets may be purchased at the Stillwell Manor box office during hours of operation.

Tickets may be purchased online as well at our online box office. Online tickets are good only for the date you purchase them for.

Why buy tickets ahead of time?

  • We find that a lot of people don’t want to bring money or a purse with them. This will eliminate that need and make your trip through a little less stressful.


What are the payment options?

We accept Cash, MasterCard, and Visa as acceptable forms of payment.


Where is Stillwell Manor located?


1704 E 60th St
Anderson, IN 46013

Stillwell Manor is located off of I69 just off of exit 226

  • Take I69 to exit 226
  • Head north on 9
  • East on 59th, take the round about to 60th st just past the Buffalo Wild Wings enterance.
  • Stillwell Manor will be on the right
  • Get Directions Here



Can I take pictures and/or videos?

No photos or videos are allowed to be taken inside of Stillwell Manor. The use of a phone can lead to immediate exit without refund. This includes using your phone for a flashlight at any time.

We HIGHLY encourage photos in the Que line while you are waiting or between attractions with our interactive creators or out front of the building.

If you take a phone in, be sure that it is securely stored in a tight pocket! If you lose your phone inside of Stillwell Manor we are unable to look for it until the end of the evening, there are NO EXCEPTIONS. You will have to leave your name and a contact number so we can reach you if we are able to find it. Last year we had over 20 phones lost during the events, all were returned once found.


How does weather affect the haunt?

Weather??? What weather? We are a 100% indoor haunted attraction with over 22,000 sq ft of twist and turns!  The line is inside as well. We can hold up to 200 in line before you’d have to wait outside. We do our best to make sure that everyone is able to fit in.

Is it freezing cold or raining? Come visit Stillwell Manor and stay dry and warm.


Do we pay for parking?

No, you will never pay to park at Stillwell Manor. We are in an old movie theater so there is plenty of onsite parking. Unlike other haunted attractions we want you to save your money to enjoy your experience inside!


What ages are appropriate for Stillwell Manor?

We strongly encourage that anyone under the age of 13 go through with an adult or older sibling. All guest are welcome regardless of age, but once you enter there is no refund. If there is someone in the group that is more afraid than the others, we can give them a repel stick that will keep the spirits and minions at a safer distance than those who do not have one. We have had ages 7-85 complete the Manor.

For children; if they can watch “The Walking Dead” or “Freddy” they can probably handle it, if not you might have a bunk mate for a little while after your journey through Stillwell Manor. We do not have anyone to watch a child that does not want to go through, we have a waiting area where you can meet up with your party after but, there is no supervision provided.


Do you sell food or beverages?

We do sell beverages. We sell a variety of different sodas and water. We DO NOT sell beer. While we have nothing against having an adult beverage, we do not promote it at our haunt for the safety of our actors as well as the general public. Anyone that appears to be too intoxicated will not be admitted to Stillwell Manor. We want all of our guest to fully enjoy their experience at Stillwell Manor and do not want “that guy” to ruin it for everyone.

Anyone that is unwilling to abide by our rules will kindly be escorted out by our local friend police officer.


Can I stay with my group?

We allow all groups to stay together up to 6 people at a time. If you come with a group larger than 6 you will be split up into smaller groups. There are points in the haunt you may be momentarily separated.


How long does it take to go through?

This is all up to you depending on how fast or slow you walk. The average person takes 40-50 minutes. It is a little under a mile to walk the entire haunt.


Do you use Fog or Strobe Lights?

Yes, there is fog throughout the attractions and there are several strobe lights.