In today’s new normal, we are watching  things as closely as possible. In the upcoming weeks we are going to be doing a few new things for our die hard fans (be sure to be following our Facebook page). We hope that everyone is safe and being smart. We will update you on the 2020 season as soon as we know anything. 

2019 Season

Thank you for our best season ever! 

Come find out why we were picked as the #4 must see Haunted Attraction by The Scarefactor.com for the 2019 season, the same publication that ranked us #3 in the state for 2018. 

Come journey through our 33,000 sqft of “fun”. All three attractions have gone through major changes to make sure that your 2019 experience is going to be one you won’t forget.


Stillwell Manor Haunted House

We’ve brought a voodoo priestess to conjure up the spirits that are trapped in Stillwell Manor to find out what has happened to the General’s family. The Manor has been passed down time and time again so she unfortunately conjured up many more spirits than we were anticipating.


TOUCH OPTIONAL. This is the first completely interactive attraction that we have brought to you. The more you interact with the story the more the story interacts with you!


Welcome to your tour of Tantibus Lab your “World Wide Leader in AntiFear Medication”. Come see how our patients are treated and tested in our world class labs and testing facilities. Who said nightmares only happen while you sleep?



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