Stillwell Manor Haunted House

General Archibald Stillwell returned home from the Civil War to find his wife, children and staff all slain by Rebel soldiers. General Stillwell vowed to get revenge! Ever since the death of the General the Manor has been considered “haunted”. The Manor sat completely untouched for almost a century, until pair of brothers decided to use the back area as a garage and general repair shop. Both brothers were mysteriously found dead 4 years after they opened. Again the Manor sat empty. 20 years later, a local business thought they could take advantage of the beauty of the old Manor and open Stillwell Mortuary. What became a very popular and successful Morgue and Funeral parlor quickly turned to tragedy as the Husband-and-Wife team were found in what was described as a Murder/Suicide. Since Stillwell Mortuary closed their doors, the entirety of Stillwell Manor has been completely untouched. Every Fall there are rumors that spirits very active and scare the trespassers away. 

This fall come as a Voodoo Priciest is brought it to conjure up all the spirits that are on the grounds to find out answers of what happened to those poor souls that lost their lives on these grounds.  Will you find out the truth or will your soul belong to the Manor???